Elle Bell Launch Party

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How do you explain how it felt to watch all of your dreams come true?

Where do I even start? Here we are, a week later and I’m still totally riding a high from the amazing evening that was the launch of Elle Bell Sales Co.  The energy in the room at Maddhatters was so contagious and fulfilling, I wish I could bottle it up and sell it! Then I’d really be on the path to financial success! However, I think I’ll stick with insurance and online sales training….

But getting back on track, the lead up to this event was so much fun!

Jenelle and I had an absolute blast putting all of the prizing and decor together.  This is the part about event planning that I’ve always loved and thankfully, after a lifetime of pulling off epic events with my family, I feel like I’ve got a knack for it.  This stuff isn’t stressful for me – it’s FUN! (Ps. Stay tuned for more Elle Bell Sales Co. events in the future because this #bossbabe and I have got some tricks up our pretty pink sleeves for you!)


The night started off with pink champagne….

and as all the ladies made their way in, I was delighted to see so many wonderful faces!  It was great to see everyone introducing themselves to each other and getting to know people they had never met before.  I love creating scenarios like that where people have the chance to connect and broaden their network in such a comfortable setting. I was pleasantly suprised that I was able to meet some fabulous new ladies that night as well so to the women who brought along a friend, THANK YOU for that! I love meeting new people!

While everyone was getting settled, Maddhatters rolled out some delicious appetizers for everyone and between free champagne & appies and half price bottles of wine, I think everyone was happy! I wanted to wait until closer to 8:00 pm before I started speaking to ensure that everyone who wanted to be there for the presentation could make it and be entered in for the door prize draws.  I had planned out some speaking points but I knew my speech would be coming from the heart so there was only so much preparation I could do for that. I was starting to feel a little bit nervous but when the music went quiet and I picked up the microphone, I felt a surge of absolute magic run through me and my passion for Elle Bell Sales Co. just poured out of me.

(You can watch a video of that magical moment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG89RATOaUg&t=11s )

It was the most special and important speech of my life and I could not be more proud of what I have created with this brand and this company.  The response that night alone was proof enough for me to keep going with this vision and to provide sales training resources that make sense for women who are trying to balance it all.  Being a saleswoman isn’t easy, but it’s the most rewarding career – both spiritually and financially – that I could possibly have and it allows me to plan my work around my life – I don’t plan my life around my work.

Next, we moved on to door prizes and I was so excited to present 7 lovely ladies with something new and beautiful to take home!  I had gone shopping the weekend before and made all 6 of the baskets and bags, but I had a last minute addition that day from my hair salon at Art & Soul which was such an appreciated surprise.  I love my hair products and when they’re Oribe, I knew these gals were in for a treat!

Now the hard part was done!

Elle Bell Sales Co. had officially been LAUNCHED and it was time to drink champagne and dance on the tables! Just kidding, I didn’t dance on the tables but it was definitely time for champagne! When I finished speaking, I realized how ridiculously sweaty I was and my adrenaline was pumping so it was nice to be able to just sit, take a few deep breaths and visit with the ladies.  I was so fortunate to receive so many wonderful compliments that night and it was clear that these women understood and supported my vision. I honestly just couldn’t stop smiling and hugging everyone!

The evening was so totally and completely overwhelming but yet I’ve never felt so calm and in my element in my life.  Every single time I looked around the room, all I saw was the smiling, supportive faces of women I adore, admire and respect.  It was a powerful, profound feeling and I’ll never forget how incredible it felt to be surrounded by that kind of love and excitement.  So to everyone that took time out of their lives to attend – THANK YOU – from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

Once everyone headed home, a few friends, my Mom and I tidied everything up.  I gave away all of the centrepieces to my girls and some of the waitresses at Maddhatters.  I had bought the vases from the Dollar Store and the flowers from Costco so these worked out to about $6 per centrepiece and I certainly didn’t need 12 of them kicking around my house! Plus, everyone was excited to take all of the Elle Bell swag home that night!

I dropped off a girl-friend at her hotel and then drove my Mom and I home to my acreage where we opened up a bottle of wine and chatted about the nights festivities.  I was so grateful she had made the time to come up because it was such a special evening that just wouldn’t have been the same without her there.  My Mom is my biggest fan, my loudest cheerleader and always there to give me a kick in the pants or a good pep talk when I need it.  I am who I am and I believe in myself because of the way she raised me and I hope to be setting the same example for my daughters.

My adorable Mama at the end of the night!

So where is Elle Bell going?

I am on a mission ladies and that is to empower women to seize the benefits and opportunities of a career in sales.  If the launch party proved anything, it’s that there is an incredible amount of support and demand for this type of business so I feel encouraged and motivated to keep forging forward! It was further proved to me on Friday morning when I checked my email and I already had my first sale for the online course.  If you haven’t checked this course out yet, I highly suggest you do because as much as I post and create content, none of it will compare to the pure gold I have compiled for you in the online sales training.  It’s where all my best stuff lives!

Girl-friends, dreams do come true – if you work for them.  I didn’t get to this launch party overnight and it hasn’t always been easy but it all sure feels worth it and if anything, I’m ready to dig deeper and work harder.  It’s a crazy feeling when you can create a business out of something you’re passionate about because it truly never feels like work.

So follow your dreams my friends and never forget that Elle Bell is here to be YOUR biggest fan!

All my love,



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