The Evolution of Elle Bell

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Elle Bell Sales Co. is on a mission!

This brand came to fruition in December 2018 when I literally had an epiphany one day.

I was driving with my family to go stay with some friends over New Years and out of nowhere, I said to my husband “Wouldn’t it be cool if I created an online sales training for women?” Of course, he said “Yeah!” (Not totally taking me seriously because I have a lot of random ideas that I’ll get really excited about for exactly 10 minutes and then forget about it.) But this idea was different.  We had a 10-hour drive ahead of us and for exactly 10 hours, we brainstormed and talked about this idea. The more we talked, the more excited I got and I couldn’t wait to get to work on making it all come together. My passion pants were on fire and I needed to stoke that bad boy before the flame went out.

So that’s exactly what I did!

I busted out my trusty laptop one morning at my girl-friends house while we were there and I just started writing.  The content for this entire brand started pouring out of me and I couldn’t stop! I’ve always been a writer so that comes naturally but I had doubted whether or not I would have enough to say to create an entire course.  To my surprise, I had too much! (Which is awesome because now I’ll just have to create another course in the future. #firstworldproblems – what can you do?)

This little labour of love evolved over time into the Elle Bell Sales Co. brand that you’re viewing right now and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

The name Elle Bell comes from when I was 19 years old and working at a law firm. Everyone referred to each other by our initials and at the time, mine were LB (my maiden name is Lynsey Bell) and over time that evolved into L Bell which for brand purposes, I sweetly recreated into Elle Bell.  I still get a kick out of it when I run into friends from that time of my life and I’ll hear “Hey! It’s Elle Bell, how’s it going lady?” I wanted the name to be personal, but not just my name and I wanted it to be easy to remember so Elle Bell Sales Co. was born!

My logo was created from the idea that when I put on my lipstick before a meeting, I feel powerful.

Not like “Oh I’ve got this” powerful, more like, “I am a BOSS and I believe in myself” powerful – big difference.  I’ve been walking into sales meetings for well over the past decade and one detail that always rings true for me is that I feel on top of my game once I put that lipstick on.  It sounds silly, but everyone has their thing and that’s what seals my mindset and allows me to focus on the task at hand.  I feel confident in that moment and I make sure to recite some affirmations to myself because I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and then I get out of my car, stand tall, hold my shoulders back and make my way into the lions den.  Sales calls can be extremely intimidating but if you can start by feeling confident before you’ve ever met the prospect, you’re already ahead of the game.

(Side note, I have to disclose one super cute personal touch about my logo – those are MY lips.  Yes, I spent an entire afternoon putting on lipstick and kissing white pieces of paper just so that I could say those are my lips but because – branding – and hey, it’s the little things!)

So what am I trying to do here?  What is the purpose of this whole brand anyway?

Well, plain and simple – I want to see YOU succeed.  I want to give you a boatload of information and tools that as a woman, maybe you’ve never been given before.  I have completed hundreds of hours of sales training in my career and not once was it ever tailored to the specific needs that we have as women in sales.  It’s a tough career but can also be incredibly rewarding and allow you to create more balance between your personal and professional life. Another huge bonus – there generally isn’t a cap on what you can make.  Salespeople are always encouraged to sell more and as they do, they get paid more. If you want more, you just do more. There are countless benefits to being a woman in sales and I want to help you realize your potential, hone your craft and move forward with a confidence in yourself that you might not have known you have.

This whole company was created to see more women achieve success in sales and as Rachel Hollis says:

“Ambition, is not a dirty word.”

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